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The RBL welcomes members of all nationalities whether or not they have served in the armed forces. The only commitment required is that you support our aims.

Please note that, if you have a UK bank account, and if you pay taxes in the UK. It may be advantageous to you and to the RBL to join online. In that case click on the link below:

However, if you pay Income Tax in France and wish to claim your subscription as a charitable donation, or if you have a French bank account and wish to pay your subscription with a French cheque it is enough to download the following,

Membership application form

Print it out (use both sides of the paper if you wish) and fill in the following:

  • Section A on page 1
  • Section B on page 1 if you have served in the BRITISH armed forces
  • Section G on page 2 (signature and date).
  • Page 3 (Whatever additional information you think may be useful to the Paris Branch of the RBL)

Send your application, with your cheque for €42 (€50 as from 1/10/2023), to

The Secretary,
RBL Paris Branch
28 rue des Acacias
75017 PARIS.

If you have any questions about the above or about the Paris branch of the RBL please contact one of the following committee members:

Chairman : Richard Neave tel: 06 45 10 47 70

Secretary: Janet Warby: tel: 01 39 28 90 28

Membership Secretary
& webmaster Mark Yates
tel: 06 86 08 68 19