Can your school take part?

"Remembrance"; is an invitation to pupils to express their understanding of the theme in whatever way they wish, using one or several media.

The Royal British Legion,
Paris Branch 


It is an opportunity for teachers to integrate a theme into their work that can add value by encouraging interaction and cooperation between subjects and throw a new light on schoolwork.

The project is part of a partnership between schools in the International community with the emphasis on participation rather than winning. 

  • The theme is not restricted to the First World War. It could be inspired by any conflict.

  • There are four categories
    • Primary
    • KS 3 (6/5/4 ème)
    • KS 4 (3ème/2nde)
    • KS 5 (1ère /Terminale)

  • The project should be presented in English but can be cross curricular and take any form:; written, art, oral, film etc. Pupils and students should be able to speak about their entry and explain the reasons behind their choices. 

  • The R.B.L. will support schools as requested, during the project

  • In the event of multilple entries in the same category from the same school the R.B.L. may select those which will go forward to a display and/or event celebrating the achievements of all participants 

  • Entries can be individual or group

  • The maximum size for an entry is A1 (approx 60cm x 84cm) 

  • In conjunction with the project we hope to create a dedicated website with secure access for all schools where students can post and share their achievements.

  • The closing date for entries is the February holidays. The display and an event will take place during the summer term.

  • If you would like to join the schools already participating in the Remembrance Project please email

Updated 5/10/17